• We are happy to announce the launch of the best Lineage server! On this server, players can enjoy
    new features that will help them immerse themselves more deeply in the world of Lineage.
  • Our server offers a lot of benefits, such as fast-paced game play, a variety of
    quests and adventures, bonuses and items for players, and high levels of combat skills.
  • Players can gain more experience, level up their characters and receive bonuses to achieve
    greater success in the game.
  • Expanse offers unique and exciting experiences that will help players immerse themselves
    in the world of Lineage on a new level. We strive to provide the best gaming experience and help players reach new heights in the game.
  • Team of experienced developers and players of official Russian Lineage 2 Essence servers. We understand the shortcomings of official servers and have created a server that offers only the best and unique mechanics, so that you can truly enjoy the game. We are currently in the active phase of the Closed Beta.
  • We cannot reveal all the details at once, but we are sure that our server will be the icing on the cake
    among all the "Freeshard" Lineage 2 Essence servers. Stay up to date with all the news of the project by subscribing to our social networks!