[15.05.2023] Special Craft


On 15.05.2023, after the restart, there will be changes in the Special Craft.
The ability to make puppets will be removed from the special creation and the creation will be added Special Armor Coupon, Dragon Belt Pack.
The chances and cost of obtaining new items can be found below.

Special Armor Coupon

Name Special Armor Coupon Special Armor Coupon - Sealed Giran Seal
Creation chance 0,1% 19,9% 80%
Quantity 1 1 64
Creation cost 323 Giran Seal

Dragon Belt Pack

Name Dragon Belt Pack +7 Dragon Belt Pack +5 Dragon Belt Pack +3 Dragon Belt Pack
Creation chance 0,01% 0,49% 3,5% 96%
Quantity 1 1 1 4
Creation cost 44 iran Seal