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New Race

Brings freshness to the world of Aden, expanding player opportunities and adding exciting new content and mechanics.

All players will gain access to the new race of high elves - the Elemental Lord and Divine Templar, endowed with unique abilities and talents. Master their powerful skills and dive into battles with new forces.

Elemental Weaver

The Elemental Lord is a mage of the High Elves who wields fiery, frosty, natural, and light magic. This class can only use two-handed magical blunt weapons, which transform in appearance to the Sphere of Spirit when equipped, utilizing different types of magic. The Elemental Lord can only equip sigil.

Divine Templar

A warrior who wields the powerful force of light and possesses the characteristics of both Warrior and Knight classes. The armor cannot be removed, as it needs to be maintained to control the power of light. The appearance remains unchanged even when using transformation effects.

Class Changes for Eva’s Templar and Shillien’s Templar

These classes have received new hunting abilities and significantly improved their unique roles.

Eva’s Templar has abilities with charging and shock effects, the capability to absorb damage for allies and increase their vitality, and also the ability to massively pull in enemies and attack them in an area.

An innovative look at the interaction with equipment items, as well as the

Redesigned purge system

one player - one client

*We will fight violators and eradicate farms.


Adena, Drop, Spoil



Availability of guaranteed modification and synthesis

Simplicity collection system

Own exchange Expanse
A rich game world
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