start April 7 20:00 (GMT+3)

Our appearance was the best event for Lineage 2 Essence
Classic game balance and unique mechanics

We present you a major update in Lineage 2 Essence.
In it you will find new locations, items and the most important thing is the new character of the secret organization Nota, secretly raised as a member of the Assassin squad. Only males belonging to the Human race and females belonging to the Dark Elf race can become assassins.
Start playing for a new class now!

New class - Assassin

Time warp

Warps time around him, attacking enemies three times and reducing their speed.
Become the Time Lord of the game and hit your opponents with powerful skills!
In addition, you gain a buff that increases your attack, attack and run speed, and increases your critical strike chance.
Become invincible in battle with the skills of the Time Lord.

Shadow Rage

Combat skill can be upgraded and modified to improve melee and ranged combat.
When using this skill in melee combat, the character attacks enemies close to the target's shadow, while in ranged combat, the character can throw a dagger and hit multiple enemies.
By modifying this skill, it is possible to increase its power, the number of targets, and at the last level of modification, even the number of attacks, which can greatly increase the chances of winning the battle.


An enemy can be attacked from behind using a skill, with the chance of a successful attack depending on the skill.
If the attack is successful, then a fixed damage is dealt, which additionally depends on the physical attack.
If the target dies, a shadow is created. If the attack fails, the skill can be used to knock down the opponent.


Delivers a strong blow strike that changes depending on the distance to the target.
There is a 50% chance that he can attack the target twice.
• Melee: Shadow Attack
• Ranged: attack with thrown weapons
• Possible critical hit

Shadow Raid

The shadow is used as a weapon to attack the enemy.
Depending on the distance to the target, attacking tactics may change.
When the distance to the target is large, the character approaches it and inflicts several hits, as in PVP and PVE.

Automatic hunting

Combine new skills on automatic hunting to get the maximum benefit when leveling your character.
Turn on the auto-battle and go about your business while the character destroys monsters on his own, gaining experience and adena.

Time warp
Shadow Rage
Shadow Raid

Server Features

  • Experience Gain/SP x1
  • Getting Adena/Drop/Spoil is x1
  • On one computer, you can start one game client
  • In PVE/PVP battle mode, L-coin drops every 20 seconds
  • Automatic entry into the game Content and game items are introduced gradually
  • Gradual removal of limits on sharpening internal boost
  • Castle Sieges are part of the PvP content for clans in Lineage 2 Essence. Owning a castle brings clan a number of advantages
  • Our team has redesigned sieges to make castles feel like fighting
  • Now sieges are not only for big war, but also for mid clans
  • In the Assassin patch, only 1 castle remained - Giran, this misunderstanding has been corrected
  • Players will now find it easier to collects
  • Improved random item generation (RC)
  • Now you do not have to spend a lot of time collecting rare items,
    focus on other aspects of the game
Client games
Pure Lineage 2 Essence Client! Needs patching.
Updater files
To update the client, put in the game folder and run.
Patch for the server
Download and unzip to the folder with the game with file replacement.