Fuji: Searching for lost meanings

Weary on the road,
no lodging, but wisteria
flowers I found...

Matsuo Basho 1688

Today we will tell you about the true essence of the name of our new game world - Fuji, which carries a deep double meaning rooted in the rich culture and traditions of Japan.

The word “Fuji” is a homonym in Japanese and can mean both the majestic Mount Fuji and the equally delightful wisteria flower. Mount Fuji is a symbol of beauty, strength and indestructibility that has inspired artists, poets and travelers for centuries. Wisteria, on the other hand, symbolizes grace, feminine beauty and healing. These qualities are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and play an important role in lifestyle and art.

The choice of Fuji's name for our world is no accident. Having gone through many hardships, including unflattering events, mistakes and disappointments in the past, we see in this name hope and a desire for beauty that can heal and inspire. Fuji symbolizes our belief that even after the darkest of times, a period of recovery and prosperity is possible.

On the new server, we will try to create a world for you where every player can feel the power and majesty of Mount Fuji while enjoying the beauty and harmony of wisteria. It is a place where beauty and strength are woven together, creating a space for healing, growth and new beginnings.

We invite you to join us in this new endeavor to explore all aspects of the new server together, each providing an opportunity for heroic feats and personal growth. Our world awaits you to write together a new chapter in the Expanse story, full of hope and expectation.