Welcome to our world: Discover the new Expanse: Fuji!

A unique world awaits you

The world of Fuji is the result of our commitment to innovation and creativity in the design of our favorite game. Here every location has its own unique story, every NPC plays a different role, and custom modifications to game mechanics make every adventure unique. Our goal was to create not just a new server, but a full-fledged, living world with a rich history and deep traditions.

New world, new possibilities

Our custom changes affect every aspect of the game, from unique skills and class balances to innovative crafting and trading systems. We've overhauled standard approaches to the game's economy so that every player feels a role in the prosperity or crises of our world.

Personalized approach

We believe that the success of a multiplayer game lies in paying attention to each player. In Expanse, each participant is not just another hero, but a complete individual with their own story and motivations. Our goal is to create a world where everyone can feel needed and important, where every action affects the bigger picture of the world.

The first publications are coming soon!

Our developers and designers are working tirelessly to bring you the first publications of updates, events and special promotions soon. We look forward to showing you what we've been working so hard on. Expect the first articles in the near future where we will share details of what's new in the world of Fuji.