Promotion - Supplies of the great samurai Benkei


Benkei was a great samurai known for his invincible fighting skills and fearlessness on the battlefield.
He carried a small bag of supplies with him, including useful scrolls, coupons, books, paints, runes, and more.
These supplies helped him survive on long campaigns and gave him an advantage in battle with opponents.
Take advantage of the ancient supplies of Benkei.
24.04.2023 after the restart, the Promotion will be installed - Benkei Supply Bag.
Will be available until 01.05.2023.
The cost is 100 L Coins.
By opening a loot box, you can get 100% of the following items:

  • Giran Seal - 1 pcs.
  • Sayha's Blessing - 5 pcs.
  • Scroll of Expanse - 1 pcs.

All other items drop out with a certain probability.

Drop List