Bonus start 12.08.2023


New accounts participate in the bonus start, and the bonuses themselves are issued only for the first character created on the account.
We remind you that new accounts should definitely be registered by referral links, hosted by our streamers and clan leaders.
This will allow you to get additional bonuses. A list of which you can find in this article.
Players participating in the bonus start will receive a premium account for one week.
In addition, there will be a bonus on the experience gained, starting from level 1 and up to 92 inclusive. Up to level 87, the experience bonus will be x5, from 87 to 90 - x4, from 90 to 92 - x3.
Below you can find a list of bonuses that will depend on your level.
Please note that items from the start bonus are sealed.

Character Creation Bonus

For reaching level 40.

For reaching level 50.

For reaching level 60.

For reaching level 70.

For reaching level 76.

For reaching level 85.

For reaching level 88.