Celestial Tower is available once every 3 weeks, every week it is replaced in order by the Kelbim's Fortress / Celestial Tower / Pagan Temple.

Heavenly War

It is held on Fridays from 22 to 23 hours.

On Friday at 21:00 on the 14th floor of the World Zone, the Tower of Insolence, there will be a battle with the new boss, the Ruler of Space - Thoros (at this time Baium and the Immortal Baium will be unavailable), 3 Thoros and many copies will be available, as soon as the players of their server kill the real Thoros, they will be moved to the Celestial Tower

The character who will deliver the final blow will be chosen as the representative of his server group's faction in the Heavenly War.
If Thoros is not killed before 21:40, only the Heavenly War will not take place and Ferion will not appear.

From 21:40 - 21:50, a faction selection will be available:
Players can take part in the Heavenly War by choosing a faction.
You can select a representative faction only once, and you cannot cancel the selection in the current Heavenly War.

From 21:50 - 22:00 preparation:
Players who have chosen a faction can go to their faction's base in the Heavenly Tower by clicking on the "Heavenly War in Progress" button in the upper right corner of the game screen.

With the exception of representatives, the names of the characters will be anonymized to "Knight", which will make it impossible to identify them.
Players who do not choose a faction will receive a negative "Heavenly Court" effect (Prohibits attacking monsters as a non-participant in the Heavenly Battle) that appear during the Heavenly War, the effect lasts 10 seconds. and it will be updated when monsters attack every 20 seconds.

From 22:00 - 23:00 battle:
Representatives of the factions participating in the Heavenly War can compete for victory over the new boss "Heavenly Lord - Ferion" in a fierce competition or hunting "Heavenly Monsters"
In a certain state, the "Heavenly Lord - Ferion" will banish the attacking character to a separate room inside the Heavenly Tower if he is not equipped with a Heavenly Cloak.
You can leave a separate room by defeating the Vector
— the zone with the boss will become a PvP zone, and the left and right sides will become a PvE zone.
— Every time a character kills an enhanced monster, he gets points that go towards the camp of his faction.
— By killing Ferion, you can get a lot of points.
— In a battle with Ferion, each time his HP drops to a certain level, attacking characters receive a Treasure Chest of Heaven [Sealed] 1 pc.
— The character who dealt Ferion the last blow receives a Treasure Chest of Heaven [Sealed] 5 pcs.

From 23:00 - 00:00 awarding ceremony:
The final rating of your faction will be determined by the number of points scored at 23:00, when the Heavenly War ends.
Rewards will be awarded with a certain probability depending on the rating of the faction and the number of players in the game.
Rewards for the Heavenly War can only be obtained in the Heavenly Tower before 00:00.