[16.06 - 23.06] Treasures of Maragimaku


Maragimaku was a lonely and rejected samurai who lived in a remote village on the outskirts of a Japanese island. His people accused him of many crimes he had not committed, and Maragimaku was forced to leave and abandon his legacy to the people all by himself.
One day, his former neighbor crossed his path, asking for help in fighting the bandits who took over their village and oppress its inhabitants and simple peasants. Maragimaku understood that this was his last chance to regain the trust of his people and help those who needed his protection. The samurai accepted the challenge and successfully dealt with the robbers and thieves.
Maragimaku regained the trust of his people, who appreciated his efforts and sacrifices made for their protection. He decided to continue his fight for justice and the protection of his people. His name became a symbol of loyalty, courage, and honor that became famous for ages.

Treasures of Maragimaku

On 16.06.2023, after the restart, the Promotion will be installed - Treasures of Maragimaku.
The loot box will be available until 23.06.2023
The cost is 75 L Coins.
By opening a loot box, you can get 100% of the following items:
  • Giran Seal - 1-2 pcs.
  • Sayha's Blessing - 15 pcs.
  • Scroll of Expanse - 1 pcs.

All other items drop out with a certain probability.

Drop List

Rare Accessory Coupon Sealed can be exchanged for epic jewelry, which will be sealed:
  • Frintezza's necklace - 14 coupons
  • Baium's ring - 12 coupons
  • Zacken's Earring - 8 coupons
  • Ant Queen Ring - 5 coupons
  • Orfen Earring - 5 coupons
  • Core Ring - 5 coupons