Opening of the Olympics


Olympiad: 3v3, 1v1

Olympiad 1x1 - is a PvP competition between characters for the title of Hero.
  • The title of Hero will be valid for a week after the completion of the Olympiad cycle.
  • The 1v1 Olympiad takes place on Thursday and Friday from 19:45 to 21:45 (UTC+3).
  • The 1x1 Olympiad cycle lasts 1 week, following which a hero in each class is determined.
  • Competitions can be entered up to 30 times a week.
  • Characters who have reached level 76 can register for the Olympiad.

  • First place in the Olympiad ranking in its class gets - 5 "Hero's Trophy".
  • The second place in the Olympiad ranking in its class receives - 3 "Hero's Trophies".
  • Third place in the Olympiad ranking in its class receives - 1 "Hero Trophy".

The Hero Trophy is a special token for the possibility of creating awards for the 1x1 Olympiad in the "Special Creation".
  • In Special Creation, all internal boost is added as it is added in server development.
  • All internal boost can be crafted with a certain enchant level.
  • As the server develops, the enchantment of items increases and new ones are added.
The exchange for Hero's Tokens will be available towards the end of the week.

Olympiad 3x3 - is a duel between players.
  • After moving to the arena, 6 players randomly selected from the server are divided into 2 teams of 3 characters and fight team against team.
  • Characters of level 60 and above who have completed the 2nd profession change can take part in the 3x3 Arena.
  • The cycle of the 3x3 Olympiad lasts a week.
  • Fights are held from Monday to Friday from 12:00 - 14:00 (UTC+3) and from 22:00 - 24:00 (UTC+3).
  • You can enter the competition a limited number of times per day, no more than 5 wins.
  • There is no rating at the 3x3 Olympiad.

There are 3 quests available for the 3x3 Arena, for which you can get various rewards.
  • The first weekly quest - for a campaign during the week of all 25 battles - items are issued to increase the speed of character leveling.
  • The second weekly quest - during the week, make 15 victories - 3 "Signs of Victory".
  • The third daily quest - for 1 win - 25 Scrolls of Boost Attack and Boost Defense, for 2 wins - you get a XP Growth Scroll 30 pcs., for 3 wins - you get 5 Einhasad's Blessing Scroll, for 4 wins - 200 Special HP Recovery Potion , and for 5 wins - 1 "Victory Badge".

Rewards will be updated as the server develops.
Quests are completed per account, not per character.
Item exchange is available at the Game Assistant.

Exchange 1 Victory Badge