Server concept


Server specifics

  • The server will be restarted daily at 18:00.
  • Adding game items, promotional chests and other things will be carried out on Mondays.
  • The 1x1 Olympiad will be held from 19:45 to 21:45 on Thursdays and Fridays, the title of the hero is awarded from Sunday to Monday at 00:00.
  • The 3x3 Olympiad will be held from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 14:00, and also from 22:00 to 00:00.
  • Castle Sieges on Expanse will be available in Dion, Giran, Goddard. In order to make it interesting for mid-war to play and develop, we will limit the registration of the strongest clans to Dion.
  • Tasks are performed on all members of the group, regardless of who finishes the mob.
  • Added a separate random creation interface for collections, where you can get ready-made chests with an entire collection.
  • Chaotic Bosses in their usual form with static respawn have been removed from the game. They now spawn with a 30% chance after killing regular raid bosses. Chaotic Bosses will not be available from server start.

Entering Items and Restricting Modification

There is less than a week left before the start of the OBT, and the players have a lot of questions.
One of the most frequent questions is about the available items from the start and whether there will be limits on their modification.

The list of available items and the maximum level of their modification at the start

Gradually, new items will be introduced into the game store, the modification of which will be limited.

List of introduced items

Additionally, it is worth noting the removal of restrictions.
The first items that can be enchanted by +10 are: Talisman of Aden and Cloak of Protection, but that won't happen until after 12 weeks after opening game world.

The first blessed items will also appear in this time period.

Adding items for the Seals of Giran (with the exception of Spirit Agathions and Talisman of Speed) will be carried out when unlocking +9 modification.

Venir's Talisman

Modifying the Venir's Talisman is a problem for everyone.
We want every Expanse player to be able to get Venir's Talisman Level 21 after the end of the starting race.
Therefore, we have provided a 100% exchange for Venir's Talisman up to level 18.
From 6 to 12 it will be possible to exchange for the 3rd week of the server. From 12 to 18 for the 5th week of the server.
The exchange will be carried out for a fixed number of fragments, or for L-coins. Venir's Talisman Fragment will cost 500,000 Adena.

Opening game content

At the start of the game world, the starting race, which has already become classic, will begin. You can find the awards in a separate news item.
Olympiad and Orc Fortress Siege will be available for the second week after the opening of the game world.
Antharas' Lair and Castle Sieges - for Week 3.
Hellbound - for week 5.
Ice Monarch Castle - Week 6.
Steel Citadel, Kelbim Stronghold, Pagan Temple - for week 8.

Ancient Adena Shop

We thought over the shop of Ancient Adena in great detail and the player of any level will be satisfied.
We know that Big Wars are not always two-sided and it is often very difficult for the opposition to give decent competition, so the assortment of the Ancient Adena shop includes rare items.
You can find a more detailed list of goods in the store in this article.

About Armor of Protection and Books of Spells 4*

The potential of many classes depends on the availability of 4* Spellbooks, but we understand that the presence of these books will greatly change the PvP balance at any level of the game.
Therefore, getting Spellbooks 4* through play, and also thanks to the event, will be in the same time period with the introduction of Armor of Protection (for 8 weeks after the opening of the game world) to make PvP on Expanse more interesting and diverse.

Class balance

The game balance on Expanse has been changed so that the number of playable classes exceeds one Assassin class, and the long-forgotten Death Knights, Vanguard Cavalry, Inquisitors, Archers, Punishers, Titans, Avatars and many others will play in a new way.

Come to OBT 01.04 and choose the class that suits you.

Important changes in PvP

The cost of teleporting through the transfer of coordinates will be 100 L-coins.
The Resurrection skill of the Eva's Saint, Cardinal, Shillien Saint classes will work “in the old fashioned way”, to use the skill, being in a group is not necessary. This skill will restore 95% experience for each class, just like Mass Resurrection.

Drop L coins

Regardless of which class the characters belong to, each of them will receive a full reward in L-Coins for participating in battles, whether playing in PvP or PvE mode.
L-coins are dropped every 20 seconds, the daily limit of L-coins is mined in 12 hours.

Drop of L-coins