[13.10 - 27.10] Secret Artifacts of Shinkai


Shinkai was a mysterious ronin, known for his inimitable fighting talents and fearlessness on the battlefield.
He always carried with him a small magic bag with mysterious objects, among which one could find ancient scrolls, unique talismans, mysterious texts, runes and much more.
These artifacts were his faithful companions on long journeys and gave him an advantage in battles with opponents.
Master the power of ancient Shinkai objects too.

Secret Artifacts of Shinkai

On 13.10.2023, after the restart, the Promotion will be installed - Secret Artifacts of Shinkai.
The loot box will be available until 27.10.2023
The cost is 50 L Coins.
By opening a loot box, you can get 100% of the following items:
  • Giran Seal - 3-4 pcs.
  • Scroll of Expanse - 1 pcs.

All other items drop out with a certain probability.

Drop List

Rare Accessory Coupon Sealed can be exchanged for epic jewelry, which will be sealed:
  • Frintezza's necklace - 25 coupons
  • Baium's ring - 20 coupons
  • Zacken's Earring - 15 coupons
  • Ant Queen Ring - 10 coupons
  • Orfen Earring - 10 coupons
  • Core Ring - 10 coupons
  • Antharas earring - 100 coupons
  • Ring of Beleth - 200 coupons