Start of open beta testing


Launch of open beta testing

All changes presented at the OBT are not final.
04/01/2023 at 20:00(GMT+3) we will open the doors to the wonderful world of Expanse for everyone.
I would like to remind you that if you plan to get cool starting bonuses, then your account must be registered using a referral link .
In order to get into OBT, you need to download the Lineage 2 Essence Assassin client and update it.
For the correct operation of the client, we recommend downloading it from scratch and using our updater.
You can find all links on our website.
*We will be grateful if you stay on the torrent giveaway.

Changes in class balance

In the Lineage 2 Essence Assassin update, there is one clearly stand out class among all. Assassin has a huge damage and mobility, while in his arsenal he has a save skill.
Only the Inquisitor can compete with him. As good as he is, Assassin still outperforms him in both PvE and PvP potential.
On the Expanse server, we want you to be able to play the class you like.
Instead of nerfing popular classes in the current patch, we buffed classes that were strong in previous expansions. At the same time, support was not forgotten either.
Obviously, you can't make all classes equal. Each has its own purpose. Someone is stronger in the early game, someone is revealed with a boost or level, and someone is a dwarf.
The balance of the official servers was taken as the basis, in which we made changes to make the game more comfortable.
The most important changes are published below, with all the changes you can personally see on the OBT.


Grand Khavatari

Death Knight



Archmage, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer

Vanguard Rider

Doomcryer, Dominator

Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel, Trickster


Soul Hound

Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter

Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Eva's Templar, Shillien Templar

Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master

Eva's Saint

Storm Blaster



Sword Muse, Crazy Waltz

Treasure hunter


Additional mechanic changes