[05.06-12.06] Supplies Nakano Takeko


Nakano Takeko was a unique woman for her time. She studied martial arts with boys and was well-prepared for battle.
She led a squad of female samurai known as the "Daughters of Tomoe". This squad consisted of approximately 300 female samurai under her command. They helped defend Castanda Castle from attacks by Nobunaga's troops.
Upon her death, she left behind her treasures and supplies for battle. She had her own personal arsenal of useful resources and materials.

Special craft

After the restart on 05.06.2023, the creation of Coupons for the Armor of Protection and the Frost Lord's Weapon Coupon will be added to the special creation.

Coupon for the Armor of Protection

Frost Lord's Weapon Coupon

Supplies Nakano Takeko

On 06.05.2023, after the restart, the Promotion will be installed - Supplies Nakano Takeko.
The loot box will be available until 12.06.2023
The cost is 100 L Coins.
By opening a loot box, you can get 100% of the following items:
  • Giran Seal - 1-2 pcs.
  • Sayha's Blessing - 15 pcs.
  • Scroll of Expanse - 1 pcs.

All other items drop out with a certain probability.

Drop List