About server

Project Expanse on the High Elves update with the recent redesign of Eve's Templar and Shilen's Templar.

Enjoy a comfortable gaming experience with us. We have focused on improving your gaming experience while maintaining the atmosphere you love. Many unique adventures, redesigned locations and new mechanics are waiting for you. Be ready for new challenges and unforgettable moments.


Adena, Drop, Spoil


EXP and SP

One player - one game client

*We will fight violators and eradicate farms

An innovative look at interacting with items of equipment as well:

redesigned purge system

Simplicity collection system

Guaranteed modification and synthesis


Expanse's own project market

Phased introduction of content and in-game items

Rich game world


  • Regular updates of the game store and the L-store
  • Stepwise limitation to modify and synthesize objects
  • Thoughtful the Ancient Adena store
  • Phased introduction of locations and items
  • Exit penalty from the clan - 1 hour
  • Automatic login
  • Offline farming








A lost experience after death


Cost of restoring items


Resurrection price for L-coins


Increased limit of receiving L-coins

Synergy System

A new breath for group interaction

This is a unique opportunity to strengthen the group and diversify the lineups in your daily routine!

Each class makes a unique contribution, providing a special effect to all members of the group, making each character an important element in the overall success!

An enemy of Elmoraden - Anubis

There is a new enemy in our world - Anubis, the Patron of the Underworld!

We are pleased to introduce you to Anubis - not as a fearsome foe, but as a chance to gain an unprecedented enhancement for your character.

Anubis, this time, is not holding a grudge. The meeting with him is more like a friendly event, where each participant leaves with gifts.

Clan Dungeon Bosses

Get ready for epic battles and bountiful rewards!

Gather a clan and fight powerful bosses every week.

When defeating a boss, get special characterization boosts, chests with rare items and many other valuable rewards.

PvE power-ups, rare item chests and more await you!


The purge system provides a unique opportunity to score special points and earn rewards by hunting monsters in selected locations

We are excited to tell you about the significant changes to the Purge System on our server!

This rework touched on many aspects, from expanding locations to introducing new rewards that will make the experience even more interesting and rewarding.

These changes will not only add new options for boosting your characters, but will also make it easier and more affordable to complete collections.


We are pleased to introduce the updated 1x1 Olympiad system!

This system, in our opinion, can well claim to be one of the fairest, where not only your character's abilities, but also your personal skills decide.

The changes, first of all, affected the course of fights. They follow the system of up to 2 victories in a particular confrontation. In addition, new awards will be introduced for Heroes and Legends - the best among all participants.

Way of the Samurai

A well known citizenship system adapted to our server.

To pass your way worthily, you need to complete special samurai missions.

Once Samurai status is obtained, all previously imposed restrictions will be removed from the character.

VIP system

Join our exclusive VIP program and receive unique bonuses and benefits starting with a minimum balance deposit.

Climb through the VIP levels, gaining additional pumping bonuses, PvE damage, and even the ability to withdraw your balance into real currency.

Become a VIP and gain access to unique armor treatments, Samurai Status and many other exclusive rewards.

PK system

PK's new Karma system: Killing other players in PK mode now accumulates Karma, which gradually decreases until you exit the PK state.

Facilitating the recovery of items: The fee for recovering lost items has been reduced for low-level characters.

Adaptive pricing: The cost of item recovery will increase as the server progresses, reflecting economic development and keeping the game balanced!

Guaranteed modification

The updated mechanics of guaranteed modification, synthesis, creation and blessing of items allows you to get 100% success after a certain number of failed attempts, making the process more predictable and convenient.

The guaranteed modification indicator now also applies to improving patterns and modifying skills. This makes the gameplay more varied, taking it to a new level.

Sparks of Spirits

A system that will make your gameplay easier and more enjoyable!

You can now get rid of useless items such as Time Extension Stones in special areas.

New game activities and alternative ways to obtain valuable items await you.